Thanksgiving Promos – End Block Cutting Boards – Organic Tea, Spices, Herbs Chocolate

Thanksgiving Promos – End Block Cutting Boards – Organic Tea, Spices, Herbs Chocolate

Great Gift for the Gourmet in you life. End Block Larch Wood Cutting Boards, Hand Made, Functional Art. Breathtakingly Beautiful and Durable. Now Shipping Free Through December 1st – Click Here

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Jubilee Cotton Linens Table Cloths Napkins

Linens, Table Cloths, Napkins – Cotton, Hand Printed, Fair Traded, Eco-Friendly

My folks are Canadian.  I have no idea if that has any correlation to the fact that when they had children, they all used cloth diapers, but certainly, the coincidence is difficult to ignore.  I don’t mean to start off this blog on the wrong foot (which I totally just did), but there is something to be said for the “greenness” of washing and reusing something instead of throwing away a bunch of paper and plastic.  Wouldn’t it be cool if you could do that with napkins too?

orangepoppies01-e1421006970726-600x600Well, you can.  Jubilee makes these great sets of napkins and tablecloths in several different designs/colors that are an asset to any dinner arrangement and which can be used, washed, and reused.  Usually, cloth napkins are reserved for really fancy dinners, the hoitiest of toities.  But I tell you, you can go bigger.  Dare to go where no one has gone before: use washable napkins for every dinner.  Orroyalmarigoldtablerunner1372 even breakfast.  They soak up sputum as effectively as any paper napkin (at any mealtime!), but they’re way cheaper over time and less harmful to the planet.  Also, they don’t add the undue contrast of having a bunch of white squares in the middle of an otherwise perfectly color-coordinated table spread.

Have you ever seen an actual landfill?  There’s one right near where I live.  It sits right next to the river and is literally a mountain of garbage.  It is covered with dirt and has grass planted on it.  From a distance, it looks like any other naturally occurring hillock, but when the sun hits it, you know damn well what it really is.  Then you get closer (if you don’t mind holding your breath and trying not to cry from sorrow and the stench) and see various large machines and dump trucks milling about on the top.  Some pipes come up out of it at certain points and curl back down towards the ground in the shape of an upside-down “J” to ventilate the gas produced by the putrefaction of at least 30-some-odd years’ worth of the county’s collective refuse.  This prevents bursting.  It’s sad and scary to consider what kinds of rotting detritus can produce a smell like that, sometimes so potent it can float straight across the river and bombard the neighboring developments, let alone the town it’s actually in.  Or a gas that can pour out of a pipe at a rate sufficient to produce a bonfire-sized flame that belches out into the midnight air.  According to the landfill’s website, they do not inter any substances that are widely known to be poisonous, such as toxic or radioactive waste, but just garbage alone has been enough to produce a malodorous eyesore on top of what once was flat land on the riverfront.

jaipur_blue_rect3-1-600x398Think about that the next time you’re using disposable everything.  Visit your local landfill.  Chances are you do have one, and it will remind you.  Of course, sometimes it’s unavoidable to use disposable products.  We all use that stuff sometimes.  But, as can be seen in so many places, “it’s just easier” is no longer a sufficient reason to keep buying and throwing away things like napkins, paper towels, diapers, plastic silverware, et cetera.  You can start now.  Check out our washable table linens, runners and napkins.  We have many different colors and designs to choose from.  It’s never too late—or too soon—to awaken to environmental concerns through the simple act of washing and reusing something you’re only using to wipe your mouth off to begin with.  Love this planet as she has loved you.  If you’re still alive, you are very loved.  Spread it around.  There are alternatives. See the full line of fine linens from Jubilee Traders, click here.

Themis & Thread win Green America’s People and Planet Award for the Summer 2016 Ethical Apparel national contest

Themis & Thread win Green America’s People and Planet Award for the Summer 2016 Ethical Apparel national contest

We are proud of all the vendors and products we represent on Green Lion Marketplace but we honor the accomplishments of one vendor in particular today.

Themis & Tread received the “Planet Award for Ethical Apparel” this Summer. This award embodies all the values we hold dearly and are the corner stones of this Brand’s philosophy… creating consumer products responsibly, sustain-ably, with complete supply chain transparency and paying people a fair wages for their labor.

We salute Themis and Thread and are proud to have them as part of the Green Lion Family.

See the amazing apparel from Themis & Tread and support Green Consumerism at Green Lion Marketplace. Click Here

Shed Snake Skin Luxury Watchbands

Shed Snake Skin Luxury Watchbands

Sometimes you just need to accessorize.  Whoever says minute details like bracelets, earrings or necklaces don’t immensely add to the quality of a good outfit is a misguided soul indeed.

Black Mamba
Black Mamba

Well here’s something else we here at Green Lion Marketplace can cater to: we have a line of luxury watchbands made of shed snakeskin so you can look extra stylish down to the last detail: without the subtle creeping knowledge that you’ve killed a snake in exchange for wicked cool impromptu time-telling.  Yes, while everyone else is whipping out their phones next time someone asks what time it is, you will simply turn your wrist slightly, tell everyone what time it is first, and then reflect on how beautiful your watchband is, and how many animals were totally NOT killed to make it.  The snakeskins used in the watchbands we sell are authentic, but they are simply harvested from snakes that have already shed them.  There shall be no skinnage of South American rattlesnakes, puff adders, black-necked spitting cobras, Argentine boas, or urutu snakes, which are some of the options currently available.

In fact, these snakes have something else special about them: not only are they not being harmed, they are under optimal care in labs in various countries where they’re being researched because there are certain benefits their venom is being found to have in the treatment of lupus, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.  So, your luxury watchband is not only coming from a snake that’s alive and well, but also very likely one who is contributing to the treatment of several hitherto-thought-untreatable diseases.  Scientists in Paris, France have been running trials of a drug made from snake venom on human patients with late-stage cancer since 2011.  These trials are now being expanded to the United States.

It’s really fascinating.  So who manufactures these brilliant things with such a clear set of ethics?  Eden Bio Creations.  The snakeskins are only part of the deal: all of the materials that go into these fabulous luxury watchbands are eco-friendly, and your purchase of one counts as a strike against the mass-killing of animals with exotic skins, deforestation, cancer, and many other diseases.

And after all that, you get to look totally boss with your watchband and beat all your friends at saying what time it is.

Available at Green Lion Marketplace

Golden Rabbit Enamel Kitchenware

It’s Saturday evening in late Summer.  You’re having guests over.  You prepare your favorite outfit, get your family ready and get your whole house sparkling clean to receive your guests.  You put a new bar or bottle of soap on the bathroom sink and hide all of the other toiletries you use on the day-to-day.  You hang the hand towel just so, often removing all the bath towels so your guests don’t get confused.

You prepare the meal.  There will be no pizzas, chips or beer at this one.  Realblue-swirl-lasagna-pan-image (1) food all the way.  Perhaps a good lasagna from scratch will be among the fare.  Maybe some seafood?  Maybe you even have a friend come over early to help out.  There’s a lot going into this.  You’re showcasing your talents, and your home.  This is a group effort; a splendid evening in the company of friends with spirited conversation amid flickering candles and tinkling glasses of wine will simply be the payoff.  Much as your next dinner party will be a group effort, let Golden Rabbit Kitchenware lend a hand too.
Golden Rabbit is a wonderful line of hand-dipped enamelware available from Green Lion Marketplace.  Our business philosophy is based very strongly on natural products and sustainability, namely “green stuff.”  Golden Rabbit kitchenware fits into this category for several reasons, not the least of which is that each separate product is made of carbon steel and then hand-dipped in a porcelain enamel by Indonesian artisans, using a process that has barely changed since the 1700s.  Sometimes the old way is the better way.  It can be complicated and require a lot of effort, but in many cases, as in this one, it results in a product much sturdier and more useful than the usual cheaply commoditized kitchenware produced almost exclusively by a (near) slave labor force in China.  To my mind, it’s worth it to get a fantastic, quality, long-lasting set of dishes that are truly made, not just manufactured.  It may be tough to find quality hand-made merchandise these days, but it’s not impossible.

ls75And one more thing: these dishes just look gorgeous.  If you want to captivate your guests, you will certainly do just that with a set of Golden Rabbit Enamelware on your table.  Another great thing about Golden Rabbit Enamelware is its versatility.  It is dishwasher, stove-top and oven safe.  We have many colorful designs and patterns available, including blue cobalt, taupe swirl, green swirl, red swirl, and lobster and blue crab.  These are just a few.  And, we feature everything from dinner plates to serving dishes, roasting pans, stock pots, Dutch ovens, and mixing bowls with lids.  With so many options available, why not get started poking around a bit…and perhaps making dinner plans?

Golden Rabbit is on Oprah’s “O List”. Shop here for the Golden Rabbit Line at Green Lion Marketplace.

Household Cleaning Gone Green

Looking in from the outside, it may not seem I’m obsessive about clean, but I think I have a pretty high standard. Some people, like my husband, are neat, except when it comes to his car, which he washes with alarming regularity and compulsion.

The tidy thing is nice, I wish I could master it, but the clean thing is non-negotiable. I love fresh, clean sheets, clean floors, clean windows, and clean bathrooms. Cleaning around the edges of rooms, in the corners and under the furniture is de rigueur for me. Don’t misunderstand me, I can rough it with the best of them from primitive outhouses to public restrooms in locales with a laissez-faire attitude toward sanitation as general principal. Although, during the 1975 New York City garbage strike, when the bottoms of my white bell bottoms turned black during a little drizzling rain, I’ll admit, I cried.

Last week I deep cleaned the kitchen. You know, shake out the toaster, discard that thing, repurpose this, empty the fridge, remove the shelves, sanitize, dry, reassemble and repeat with every other surface in the room. Oh and anything that might shine, gleam or look like someone had touched it, ever. The dusty heater grates look so much better! Everything gets the treatment.

Before I embarked on my Kitchen Deep Clean, I remembered the Shecology Anytime Shine Cloths sitting unused in my pantry. What better time to give these babies a whirl!

Normally, a job of this magnitude would have entailed at least a roll of high quality, heavy-duty paper towels, and tons of rags. I decided I needed to use two. One damp, one dryer. Scrub with a scrubby, wipe and wipe again. I did my windows, fridge, oven and stove surfaces, kitchen cabinets and counter tops and those clothes kept on giving. Rinse wring and go again, and again, and again. When I was done, I threw them in the laundry, hung them to dry and they looked unused.

Sure I’ll still have to buy paper towels for certain stinky jobs but I can see it’ll be much less often. I’ll have to bring out less trash, less stuff in the landfills and amazing tensile strength. I’m guessing one of those cloths will take the place of 50 rolls of paper towels. Perhaps I will report back my findings! I have no doubt it will become my husbands favorite new car washing paraphernalia as well.

Yet another example of household cleaning gone green. If every household in the USA used one less roll of paper towels per year, can you imagine how many trees, how much heat and chemical pollution would be reduced?

Do yourself and the planet a favor, try this product and see for yourself, how easy and economical green can be.